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All cottages are very comfortable and private, each with its own balcony with a beautiful view facing Msiwazi river. Each is with a fire place and fitted with warm showers and bath tub.

The reception, dining room and bar are all under one roof with a galley to enjoy the spectacular Africa sunrise and sunset.

Birds around the lodge will sing for you in the morning . More than 65 different types of birds have been identified around this lodge.

  • African Green pigeon
  • Red-eyed Dove
  • Livingstone's Turaco
  • Common bullbal
  • Speckled mousebird cope
  • Robin chat
  • European Bee-Easter
  • Common stone chat
  • Red-rumped swallow
  • etc.

Mufindi Farm Lodge

Mufindi Farm Lodge


Click here for a listing of all the birds around Mufindi Farm Lodge.

Our experience chefs provide both continental and Tanzanian cuisine, using fresh products from the farm.

The bar is well stocked and we also serve fresh juice and bake our own bread.