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About us

Mufindi farm Lodge is 157 kilometers from Ruaha National Park,142 Kilometers from Iringa Town
Coordinates : 8◦ 30' 683,S 35◦,50 E
Altitude 5587 ft/ 1700 m.

This lodge is in Mufindi high lands blessed with endless tea plantations, fishing grounds, natural forests and above all cool climate.

It is built within a 160 acre farm concentrating on fruit trees , Vegetables & flower all grown organically, fish growing, Bee & animal keeping and all farm related activities. The farm is source of knowledge and income to villagers and school children through its TANCAN Program-read

To reach this lodge you need a private vehicle, it can also be hired from Iringa town or Mafinga town.

The owner is happy to assist you in this.

Please contact us for any questions and for bookings. 

Mufindi Farm Lodge

Mufindi Farm Lodge

How to reach us?

There are several options one can reach us:

  1. Selfdrive to Mufindi Farm Lodge
  2. Take a public bus to Iringa or Mafinga where you can take another public bus to Ikanga village.
We are always happy to assist you with your planning regarding this, just let us know your plans we will arrange an affordable means to reach this lodge.